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Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Daily Mail Australia has reported in 2014, that a migration agent was banned for allegedly taking a client to Kings Cross, Sydney to learn how to be gay during Mardi Gras so he could apply for a protection visa.

It was reported that the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) stated that a migration agent both encouraged and assisted clients to fabricate claims for protection visas by falsely claiming to be homosexual or change religion to have a better prospect of being granted an Australian Visa.

The agent was reportedly banned by MARA for five years for producing “misleading and inaccurate statements to enhance the prospects of success of the visa applications.”

However, in a turn around of events, on appeal, the agent was later exonerated from allegations of fraud in a decision by the Administrated Appeals Tribunal however the Daily Mail reported that the Tribunal maintained there were a number of instances with the agent failed to comply with his obligations as a registered migration agent and upheld the decision to cancel the registration.


The message that can be taken from the reports of this case are that it is really important to always tell the truth in your visa applications and to find a registered migration agent that fulfils the responsibility to encourage you to tell the truth. The production of false or misleading information can have significant consequences including having your visa application rejected and being banned from future applications for some time.

If you have concerns about your migration agents conduct, speak with them directly about your concerns to try to find a solution. If you’re unable to do so and wish to lodge a concern, you can do so at

If you suspect that your agent is not registered, by sure to contact OMARA immediately.

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