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Appealing to the A.A.T in DIAMOND CREEK can be difficult, costly and emotionally taxing. After receiving the devastating news that your application or request the department has been rejected, if there is allowance to do so, you should immediately apply to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal within the specified appeal time frame.

At the A.A.T, you will have a chance to submit your case in writing and in person before a member of the Tribunal who will independently assess the merits of your claim. There is opportunity to put forward changes in your circumstances.

Key to success at the A.A.T is preparing a strong submission and  being persuasive while maintaining truth and integrity. If you are in DIAMOND CREEK and need assistance, read more below or call us on 0475 036 111.


VISAS TO AUSTRALIA specialise in writing strong submission to the A.A.T with narrative based in law and case law. We can come to you in DIAMOND CREEK and help you to produce the strongest written and documentary evidence in a comprehensive but readable format that is understandable and familiar to the Tribunal Members.

At VISAS TO AUSTRALIA - "good enough" is not good enough. We will not stop until the highest quality submissions with all possible legal arguments are presented before the Tribunal. That is why we are know for our professionalism and expertise in submissions for the A.A.T. We are frequently consulted or sub contracted by other agencies to help represent their clients. When it comes to the A.A.T, do not take any chances. Choose only VISAS TO AUSTRALIA. Give us a call on 0475 036 111.

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Mark 'The Migration Agent' Pelley, Director of VISAS TO AUSTRALIA is highly sought after in DIAMOND CREEK for his ability to provide expert representation at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

We can break down the decisions of the Department of Home Affairs and articulate your case in the strongest legal possible manner to the A.A.T member. VISAS TO AUSTRALIA pride ourselves in our abilities to gather and develop evidence and write strong submissions based on law and case law. With a very high success rate at the AAT, we are the place other migration agents in DIAMOND CREEK go to in order to represent their clients for AAT submissions. To learn more, call us on 0403 875 409 , we can visit you in DIAMOND CREEK.

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Successful preparation for the A.A.T is essential to helping your mount a persuasive case. At the A.A.T, you will need help to prepare yourself for the date of the hearing. VISAS TO AUSTRALIA are experts in this.

At VISAS TO AUSTRALIA, we can come to you in DIAMOND CREEK and specialise in assisting you understand the Administrative Appeals Tribunal processes so that there is no doubt or confusion. We will do our best to make sure you fully understand what is happening at each stage of the process and what you can do to maximise your chances of success at the A.A.T.

We will help prepare your witnesses, documentation, photographic or video evidence, legal submissions and more. At VISAS TO AUSTRALIA, we do not stop until we have the best case possible to present your unique circumstances to the A.A.T member.

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After you, and your witnesses have given evidence, Mark 'The Migration Agent' should have an opportunity to summaries your case and present and clarify any new or missing information he feel is relevant to your case.

VISAS TO AUSTRALIA will also help support you through this entire process. At the end of the day, we care about you as an individual and understand the importance of being professional, but personal too. For the best A.A.T representation available in DIAMOND CREEK, call VISAS TO AUSTRALIA on 0475 036 111



If your appeal is rejected at the A.A.T, you have options to either appeal to The Federal Court or make an application for a Ministerial Intervention. At VISAS TO AUSTRALIA, we can have an at length discussion to determine your options and help you make an informed decision.

Should you decide to apply for or otherwise need assistance with a Ministerial Intervention Application, call VISAS TO AUSTRALIA in DIAMOND CREEK. We can help produce high quality, professional and most importantly, persuasive applications is paramount for any chance of success. At VISAS TO AUSTRALIA, we will take the time to develop the strongest possible ministerial intervention application to promote the possibility to stay in Australia. For more information, click on the link below or call us in DIAMOND CREEK on 0475 036 111.

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The first step to applying and finding more about the Administrative Appeals Tribunal process is to book an initial migration consultation in DIAMOND CREEK. Here we assess your situation in its entirety and will ask specific questions to determine what is the right course of action for you, your family or company at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. It does not matter if you have previously used a different migration agent, and in fact, a lot of our AAT clients come to us after not having success elsewhere. We can conduct our initial consultation about your AAT matter at our migration office in DIAMOND CREEK or at your place. Alternatively this can be done by skype.

At VISAS TO AUSTRALIA, we are a professional migration agency service with extensive knowledge on migration law. You can ask any questions you wish to ensure that you remain fully informed as to what is the right decision for you. To organise this, give us a call on 0475 036 111 or email us or by clicking on the link below.

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Registered Migration Agent

'Mark the Migration Agent' is an Australian Registered Migration Agent (MARN: 1568830) and is the director of VISAS TO AUSTRALIA.


Mark's focus is on providing the best customer service and professional advice in a timely manner to you. With years experience working and operating as a registered migration agent, Mark can work with any type of visa application, A.A.T representation or Ministerial Intervention situation. Mark specialising in giving advice specific to your migration situation to help you make the most informed decision about your Australian visa situation. If you need a registered migration agent, call Mark today on 0475 036 111.

Mark is a dedicated family man and a sole parent of 5 young daughters. Mark enjoys exercise, reading, self development and undertaking new adventures in life. He understands that people have busy lives with work, their families and many other duties of day to day living. As such, Mark is available after hours for appointments and can come to you if necessary.

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Suite 2, 77 Patyah Street, Diamond Creek VIC 3089, Australia

P.O Box 499 Diamond Creek VIC 3089

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