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Adoption Visa (Subclass 102) - Offshore Application


The Adoption Visa (Subclass 102) allows children adopted outside Australia live in Australia with their adoptive parent. Cost of this visa is currently $2665.00AUD.

Adoption VISA (SUBCLASS 102)

The Adoption Visa (Subclass 102) allows a child to migrate to Australia as a permanent resident. They are entitled to Medicare and Australian citizenship if eligible.

To be eligible for this visa, you will need to be:

  • Adopted or in the process of being adopted. To be eligible to apply for an Adoption visa (subclass 102), the child must:

    • have been or be in the process of being adopted through an intercountry adoption or arrangement with the involvement of an Australian state or territory central authority, or

    • have been or be in the process of being adopted through an intercountry adoption between 2 countries (other than Australia) that are parties to the Hague Convention on the Protection of Children and Cooperation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption (the Hague Adoption Convention), or

    • if no Australian state or territory central authority was involved, through an expatriate adoption by an Australian citizen, an eligible New Zealand citizen or the holder of an Australian permanent visa who has been living outside Australia for more than 12 months before the visa application is lodged

  • Be sponsored The child must be sponsored by an eligible adoptive parent or prospective adoptive parent. The sponsorship must be approved. This will likely not occur if the parent or partner of the parent has offences pertaining to children.

  • Under 18 at the time of the adoption, application and decision.

  • Meet all health requirements.

  • Meet character requirements.

  • Repay debts to the Australian Government.

  • It must be in the best interests of a child.


The Adoption Visa (Subclass 102) is a permanent visa that also allows the child to travel to and from Australia for up to 5 years. If the child wants to travel overseas after this time they will need to apply for and be granted a Resident Return Visa or alternatively apply for Australian citizenship.


If the child has siblings who also want to apply, they will need to submit separate applications for each sibling. If the child (under 18) has themselves, dependent children, they can apply at the time of application or any time prior to making the application. Dependent children of the child must meet relevant health requirements. You will need to be sponsored by an eligible parent, or parent's spouse or de facto partner. You will need to meet the health requirements and have paid back any debts to the Australian government. The Department of Home affairs must determine that it is in the best interests of a child for the visa to be granted. It is important to note that there must be the written consent of BOTH parents who can legally decide where the child lives as well as there must be permission by the laws of the child's home country permitting the removal of the child.


This visa is suitable for for adopted children of Australian citizens, permanent residents or eligible New Zealand Citizens.




The Adoption Visa (Subclass 102) costs over $2000AUD to apply for. To ensure that your application is to get your application done right first time and to avoid unnecessary delay, use a registered migration agent Mark Pelley - Principal Migration Agent for Visas To Australia. The Adoption Visa (Subclass 102)  requires substantial documentation to support claims made in the application. This process can be lengthy and confusing. Failure to correctly apply for the Adoption Visa (Subclass 102) could result in a rejection from the Department of Home Affairs and having to reapply and to pay all costs again. Contact VISAS TO AUSTRALIA to help you apply for this visa.


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