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Mark 'The Migration Agent' is your local Melbourne migration agent and is the director and principal migration agent at VISAS TO AUSTRALIA. Mark is a registered Migration Agent in Australia MARN: 1568830.

With the ability to help you apply for any visa, Mark The Migration Agent can provide expert migration advice, and apply for any Australian visa on your behalf. Mark is also a specialist at applying for A.A.T reviews in producing written submissions and helping represent you at the A.A.T.

Mark obtained a graduate certificate in Migration Law at Australian National University in 2014. He regularly undertakes seminars and workshops to make himself the best migration agent he can be.

For more information, read more below or give Mark the Migration Agent a call on 0475 036 111


Core values are reflected in VISAS TO AUSTRALIA'S organisational culture which shows in our timely and excellent professional service. These values include:


1. HONESTY & TRANSPARENCY: We strive to be honest at all times when dealing with clients and in applying for visas. We always act within the law, and honestly when dealing with the Department, A.A.T with clients. Our clients have a clear overview of processes, risks and benefits of their decisions.

2. EXCELLENCE: We strive to provide the best service possible for our clients working towards their migration goals.

3. RESPONSIVENESS & TIMELINESS: We provide a quick and efficient response to our clients. This includes after hours and priority services for urgent cases. We aim to have a fast turn around for all visa applications, requests and other migration work.

4. PROFESSIONAL: We are a professional registered migration agency who aim to provide a strong professional migration service. We aim to abide by the Code Of Conduct at all times.

5. SECURITY: We treat all information as private and confidential. We will not disclose any information to any 3rd party without your expressed written permission.

5. TRUSTWORTHINESS & COMMITMENT: Once we have taken on your case, you can trust us to produce honest, excellent, responsive and professional service. We are committed to these values to contribute towards achieving your migration goals.

6. UNDERSTANDING: As the son of migrant parents who struggled but eventually made it in Australia, Mark understands the challenges of your situation and will work to do his best to help support you.


Mark The Migration Agent has a diverse but interesting work history that leads to him becoming a more effective migration agent. These include:

  • 3 years experience experience working at the Department of Health teaching and investigating health professionals including doctors and pharmacists about how to abide by the law in the treatment of patients.

  • Previous background in investigations and security.

  • Work in Community Mental health as a team leader/specialist for different periods between 2005 - 2015.

  • Business owner including Migration Agent & Venomous Snake Consultant since 2014 & 2012 respectively.


Mark the Migration Agent also has a diverse educational background including:

1. Graduate Certificate of Migration Law, Australian National University, 2014.

2. Bachelor of Psychology & Management, Deakin University, 2011.

3. Bachelor of Nursing, Victoria University, 2005.

4. Masters of Mental Health, University of Queensland, 2014.

5. Certificate III Investigative Services, 2010.

6. Certificate IV Govt. Investigations, 2009.

7. Certificate IV Fitness & Training, 2016.

Mark is currently working towards a Bachelor of Laws degree.


Mark The Migration Agent is a single dad to 5 daughters aged 18, 16, 13, 12 & 8. Mark prides himself on raising his girls to learn about business, and have practical skills in life. Mark's oldest daughter is currently studying legal studies in TAFE with a very high average. His 2nd daughter works part time in customer services while finishing year 10. Mark's 3rd daughter is currently in year 8 and is school house sports captain. Both are in the Army Reserve. Marks 4th daughter is in year 7 and 5th daughter is still in primary school.

Mark the Migration agent is very proud of all of his daughters who love sports, swimming and martial arts where they train at Trident Martial Art Academy.


To get in touch with Mark, you can do so:

By Phone:  0475 036 111

By Email:   visastoaustralia@yahoo.com.au

For more information about Mark, go to: