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Whether you have an urgent, after hours migration situation that needs to be resolved NOW or alternatively, you are based overseas and there is a different time zone, you can contact Visas To Australia on our 24/7 number and organise a priority appointment to assist with your migration situation.

At VISAS TO AUSTRALIA, we are NOT here to judge. We will never say: "you should have..." Instead, we assess where you are right now and try out best to help you find a way to remain lawfully in the country or alternatively, apply for the right visa to enter Australia.

It does not matter what your migration situation is, call VISAS TO AUSTRALIA today and we will organise a mutually convenient after hours time with you.


If your situation is urgent and you need priority assistance or intervention by a registered migration agent, immediately call VISAS TO AUSTRALIA. We are available for after hours service if the need arises - what ever the issue. We can:

1. Provide after hours migration consultation

2. Provide online/skype migration consultation.

3. Provide telephone advice.

4. Visit you in a detention center.

5. Apply for visas or Bridging Visas after hours.

​NOTE: After hours fees apply.

To book in an after hours urgent consultation, call 0475 036 111 or click on the link below.

priority migration services melbourne


At VISAS TO AUSTRALIA, Mark the Migration Agent understands that your case may need to be prioritised because of time constraints. Regardless of the reason for the time constraint, our focus will be on helping you apply for your visa on time.

​As part of our commitment towards strong customer service, At VISAS TO AUSTRALIA we will work with you and can even attend your premises in Melbourne. To assist with this process, we can prioritise your case and even work with  you long into the evening to ensure that it has been applied for in time.

For more information or to organise priority appointments, give VISAS TO AUSTRALIA a call on 0475 036 111or click on the link below.

NOTE: Priority cases will incur higher than standard fees.

priority migration services melbourne


As part of our ongoing commitment to customer service, we now offer online Skype or Telephone initial consultations to our international or interstate clients.

Skype ID:                              VisastoAustralia

Telephone Number:                +61 475 036 111


​To make a booking, all you need to do is take the following steps:

​1.   To book an online consultation, we take payments via Paypal.

   a.  The cost is $275AUD. This is for a 1 hour consultation.

   b.  Click below to make Payment.

After you have made payment, the following should occur:

1. You should receive an automatic email confirming payment has been received.

2. Please provide all relevant documents to:

3. Be sure to label each document and provide a cover letter explaining:

   a. What type of visa you are after

   b. Include a list of all the provided documents.

  c. a brief summary of your circumstances and reason for applying for the visa.

4. Include in the email preferred times for availability for an online/telephone consultation.



a.  These appointments must be pre-booked as we can get busy.

b.  Each appointment lasts typically 1 hour.

c.  Any appointments that run longer than 1 hour will occur additional costs.



​It is important to understand there are time differences between Australia and your country. Australia is in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). This time zone is:

  • 10 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time

  • Email Time Zone Indicated +1000

The easy way to solve the time difference is to be sure to notify Visas To Australia of the country you’re living in when emailing us to make a booking. We can figure out the time difference with you.



  • We understand situations can arise so if you need to reschedule an appointment, be sure to give at least 24 hours.

  • Make sure to attend your appointment on time. We allow up to 15 minutes leeway if you’re running late. Be sure to let us know.

  • If you do not attend your appointment, there is NO refund.

  • If you reschedule within 24 hours of your appointment, there will be a cancellation fee of $110AUD to be applied before we can reschedule your next appointment.

  • It is always important to communicate with Visas to Australia in advance.

  • Visas to Australia will not give out advice on documents that you email to us in advance of the appointment except in certain circumstances. We will review these before our discussions however and will contact you in advance of the appointment if we require any further information.

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