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Coalition Govt. Set To Slash Australia's Migration Intake

Reported by Channel 9 News 19 March 2019 is that the Federal Government is expected to announce government policies which would cap migration at 160,000 new people into Australia. They also plan to force a portion of skilled migrants to live outside Sydney and Melbourne.

The government will also provide student incentives for foreign students to attend universities away from Sydney and Melbourne in order to reduce congestion. With regards to the agriculture, the National Farmers Federation has been pushing for a farm workers visa to address labour shortages.

The current Prime Minister - Scott Morrison, said he would continue to expand migrant schemes as workforce demands required.


With changes frequently occurring to Australia's immigration policy, it is important that if you are considering a visa, to apply as soon as possible. If you want to book in a migration consultation to discuss visa options or how the changes in government policy can affect you, give Visas To Australia a call on 0403875409.

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