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Updated: Nov 14, 2018

The West Australian News reported that a woman was fined $12,000 in Perth Magistrates Court in 2012 after being paid by multiple businesses to recruit workers when she was not a migration agent. The Court found that the woman gave false information to help two foreign workers “cheat the system” and stay in the country.

The Magistrate was told that the businesses totally relied on the woman to make all migration arrangements to recruit Filipino workers between 2006 – 2009 but had never been trained or accredited as a migration agent.

The West Australian News Reported In the first action for proceeds of Crime for Migration Fraud, the woman had to pay the Commonwealth $50,000. The woman claimed she did not know she was doing anything wrong even after the court was told she falsely stated in visa documents that foreign workers were living at her home.

Details of the article where this information was obtained can be found at:

Comment by Mark Pelley – Registered Migration Agent

This case goes to show the importance of checking to see if the person representing you is a registered migration agent. To check to see if your agent is registered, go to the Office of the Migration Agent Registration Authority at

If you suspect that your agent is not registered, by sure to contact OMARA immediately.

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